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LEON 4th Semester

Leon City

León is the capital of the province of León, located in the northwest of Spain.

Leon’s historical and architectural heritage, numerous festivals hosted throughout the year, and its location on the Camino de Santiago, which is ranked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, make it a destination of both domestic and international tourism. Indeed, the national heritage of this city is more than remarkable. This is because of the presence of unique monuments and sightseeing such as the Cathedral, one of the finest examples of French-style classic Gothic architecture in Spain, together with the San Marcos, San Isidoro and the Diocesan Museum of Religious Art.

These ancient buildings perfectly coexist with modern architecture masterpieces such as the city’s Museum of Contemporary Art or MUSAC, which has become a symbol of this modern city full of gardens, green areas, fountains and wide avenues. The friendly combination of ancient buildings full of history with modern urbanization make this city a must-see and it is not surprising that it ranks highly in terms of quality of life.


Leon University

The University of León has two campuses: León (Campus de Vegazana) and Ponferrada, all of them in the region of León, on the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. They serve a population of 13,700 students in a varied menu of 40 undergraduate degrees, 36 official Master’s degree and 16 doctoral programs offered by 26 Departments in 13 Faculties, 100 research groups and 10 research institutes. Speaking the same language as the students, ULE is also composed of a talented group of 900 faculty members and 500 administration staff.

With a strong and centralized international office since 1989, it gathers a high potential to organize and manage important transnational projects. The recent investment of opening an International Project’s Office has already yielded high results account taken of its active participation at projects of varied funding sources (LLP, Tempus, Erasmus Plus, Horizon, Justice, Interreg, among others).

ULE is internationally accredited by AEVE for our veterinary and by EURO-INF for our Computer Engineering Degree and host Confucius institute for the international promotion of Chinese language and SCAYLE (Supercomputer center of Castilla y León) Moreover, ULE is proud of its international acquaintances as it is a founding member of the Santander Group, The “Consorcio de Turismo Idiomático (partnering with León Coty Hall) and SIECLE Association, and the Compostela Group of Universities playing a leading role. ULE is also a member of HACU (Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities), AIUP, and in an immediate future of Grupo Tordesillas.

Each year, the University of León welcomes over 1,000 foreign students from more than 50 different countries, which allows us to enjoy an international atmosphere with students from the five continents. All of them are gather to enjoy our international week at the time of their arrival. Our University today it is fully committed to the implementation of Erasmus + projects under all five key actions.

The University of León coordinates diverse international research teams and participates with great success in several international projects with the role of coordinator and project partner. In the past ten years, ULE specially won recognition in Marketing through Lifelong Learning Programmes.



Leon Academics

Sustainable and responsible management
Prof. Roberto Fernández Gago & Ms. Rebecca Johnson

Communication challenges: Part-module Consumer engaging communication
Prof. Carmen R. Santos & Prof. Alexandre Kenyon

Communication challenges: Part-module Company project
Prof. Carmen R. Santos & Mr. Óscar Calzado Arija

Innovation and entrepreneurship
Mr. Ernesto González Castañón

Prof. Carmen R. Santos, Mr. Óscar Calzado & Prof. Mario Díaz


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