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Where do our students come from?



Employment after EMBS

The EMBS graduates show remarkably high level records of employment, with graduates working in 26 countries all around the world (most of them concentrated in Germany, which is followed by Italy and Switzerland). The knowledge obtained during the EMBS program ensures a steady job, and more than 80% of our graduates hold a permanent work contract.

Approximately one half of graduates get positions in marketing, but there are alumni also working in sales, finance, IT, human resources, or other corporate fields.

Competences Profile

The EMBS aims to give students the relevant knowledge and skills which are required to launch a successful career in international business.

The international positioning of this Master´s program offers its students the possibility to build up good professional relationships in several different countries. Moreover, it also allows students to achieve a job with a clear international profile: 90% of our graduates are professionally involved with international partners, clients, projects or people.

If we focus on their competences, our alumni not only have an important theoretical background, with a focus on international marketing, but also a variety of soft skills, leadership abilities, and interpersonal relationships competences. Knowledge, attitudes, and aptitudes are indeed very important for their future business careers.

Furthermore, the introduction of some personal work on the personality type, the behavioural style, and a skills inventory, will provide each of our students with self-awareness knowledge of their own style, strengths, and weaknesses, in order to form the basis of a personal development plan with specific individual goals, to be addressed during their professional careers.

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