Previous Students

The EMBS is an Accredited Master’s degree in Management.


Officially integrated in the new European Bologna system of higher education.


It is composed of 4 semesters in 4 different European countries:

Italy, France, Germany and Spain


Total of 120 ECTS

Previous Students

Silvia Fernández - EMBS 15

Stock Allocator at Levi´s

“Through the EMBS, I have met lots of talented people, including my colleagues, professors,
and lecturers from all over the world.

This opportunity has allowed me to learnt about different roles from experts, got technical know-how, appreciated different cultures and shared my own. Not only have I gained knowledge, but I have also developed valuable soft skills that I can apply to different jobs and enrich my personal life.”

Alessandro Andreatti - EMBS 15

Program Manager at Amazon Luxembourg

“EMBS has been so much more than just a Master!

It has allowed me to meet an incredible group of people from all over the world with whom I share some lasting memories.

This program allows you to be yourself and become more confident as you prepare to enter the job market. Experiencing all those different perspectives and cultures opened my eyes and gave me a better grasp of the business world.

Thanks to EMBS, I have gained not only a Master’s degree but also a profound sense of international collaboration, self-assuredness and some great friends. I can confidently say that EMBS has prepared me to thrive in the ever-evolving global business landscape.”

Carmelo Squillaci - EMBS 14

Product Marketing Manager at Amenitiz

“Project management skills are crucial for any work!

EMBS has been key into understanding logics behind it thanks to 20+ group projects
students go through during the 2 years.”

Evgeniia Cheshcko - EMBS14

Account Manager (Onboarding Ops) at Shippeo

“Communication at all levels of seniority, tenacity, thriving in an international context – these are all qualities we were growing during EMBS and that I am now using in my work everyday. If I had to choose again, I would pick EMBS one more time”

Valerie Pansini - EMBS 5

Product Manager TUI Destination Experiences, Mallorca

“The EMBS is the best master one could ask for!

You get to learn a lot of different courses in a very small classroom, you have many case studies and presentations that you regularly have to prepare for and especially you do this in an international environment that teaches you how to value and adapt to cultural differences.

When you finish the EMBS, you know you are a step ahead as you have already all the soft skills that a company is looking for and you are used to working in changing environments.”

Guillermo Fernández - EMBS 5

Associate Director, IPSOS MOR

“The EMBS was a springboard for my career, opening up professional opportunities abroad I wouldn’t have had access to without it, significantly improving my ability to build relationships with people from different backgrounds and giving me exposure to new ways of thinking and environments. Also crucially, thanks to the EMBS, I now have international friends for life. I’d strongly recommend the programme to anyone looking to grow personally and professionally.”

Stefano Giorgetti - EMBS 5

“The EMBS program was for me a perfect fit combining a core international dimension with the possibility to form strong long-standing relationships with my generation companions. It allowed me to be exposed to a unique set of challenges from which I benefited greatly and provided an overall invaluable experience. The EMBS is not only a master program but also a personal journey.”

Carlos Millán Murciego - EMBS 2

Northern Spain Manager, CHRISTEYNS

“The EMBS has been a great experience, I would summarize this master as: Two years moving through 4 different countries dealing with specific cultural facts in each place and learning from many professors with different background. This a master program has given to me  enough technical knowledge as well as the capacity to work in an international environment.”


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